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Growing up in the Central-eastern block of Europe, travel has not always been so accessible, as it is today. Our currency was weak and flights only available from Vienna. Without a car at your disposal, a family of four had a hard time finding an exotic destination, easily accessible with ground transport. The traditional bus holidays would take us to Croatia, Italy, and if we were adventurous enough, we’d spend a day in a bus to get all the way to Greece.

Then, things changed.

As I became a teenager, my parents realised that in order to succeed beyond the scope of Slovakia, I need to be serious about learning a foreign language. And so I did. With financial and emotional help from my parents, I travelled to California and completed my senior year at an American highschool at the age of 17.

Later on, becoming part of NATO and the European Union in early 2000s brought more freedom to the Slovak nation, to travel but also to complete degrees in another country.  I was among the first who took advantage of these new opportunities and decided to complete my higher education in a multitude of European countries. Since then, I’ve enjoyed meeting new people, discovering local culture but it also made me understand the hardship of being a foreigner in someone else’s country. That never gets old and brings so many stories! Those stories, I’d love to share with you here, on Almost Berliner.

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