Hi there, I’m Denisa!

The voice and the face behind Almost Berliner.
I’m a digital marketer and content writer from Slovakia. Besides my regular job in tourism, I really enjoy cooking, discovering new places or learning new skills like German (impossible) or web design. I thought building my own website would be a great way to share my thoughts on various topics, share some blurbs about life in different countries, my experiments in the kitchen or my favourite corners of Berlin and the world. I hope you stick around, give feedback and enjoy the content on Almost Berliner!

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The Cosmopolitan Girl

Back in high school I did a lot of sports. To this day I believe that my dad dreamt of me being a professional athlete. Well, at the same time, I had to do well at school and as we know from the American movies, those two are hard to combine. We decided to focus on studies, make sure I can become the cosmopolitan girl! At the age of 16 I left Slovakia and I haven’t returned since. My first true experience abroad was a senior year at a high school in California. After that year, Slovakia, although a beautiful country, was too small for me. I left abroad, to broaden my studies and horizon, and ended up first in Denmark, and then in the UK, France, the Netherlands and for now, I’m in Germany. It’s been five years since I arrived to Berlin. I love it so much that I’ve created my own little nest here and I got myself a pet. Yay!

This is my cat, Tilly

She is the most adorable little creature. Born in 2019, TIlly is still enjoying her puberty. She is a mix breed and has the cutest sneez! She got her name after a good Aussie friend and I love the rhyme “Silly Tilly”. It’s very accurate!

why almost berliner?

It took me a while to come up with the name. Living abroad long terms can give you the feeling of being an immigrant. There is nothing wrong with that, except for one thing. It might down on you that none of the places you are or live at feel like home. You may begin to loose your own identity. Although many may argue with me that your nationality does not define you. That’s true! Many long term travellers or people that have moved abroad at an early age tend to refer to themselves as “Europeans”. I prefer “Almost Berliner”.

I know that I’ll never be one, no matter the number of years I live here yet I feel the most comfortable here and I call this place my home. So why the heck not!

My Berlin