Moving to Berlin – A New Beginning

Moving is rarely a pleasant adventure. Besides the thrill of living somewhere new, there is always the part of packing all your belongings and getting there. I personally always end up struggling over too little space in my suitcases, throwing out and giving my stuff away or trying to sell anything just to get at least some of my original investment back. It is a stressful nightmare, mainly if you don’t have a car like myself! 

Getting All my Sh**t Together!

In the past 10 years I lived in 7 different countries, ranging from cold and rainy to dry and hot. This means that in my luggage I’m constantly carrying a good amount of winter and summer clothes. That ultimately turns into 3.5 large suitcases and 2 large backpacks. Let me tell you, moving to a city like Berlin, where you need it all, was quite an experience!

You can imagine that seeing me with such a load at a train station in Montpellier, France was an impressive sight. Luckily I had a helper with me (my boyfriend) who suffered through the almost 24h train ride with me, my stuff and his own belongings. We loaded and unloaded it all 3 times until we finally arrived to the Berlin Hauptbahnhof at 5am on October 1st 2015. At that point, we were the happiest people alive!

Arrival to Berlin

Forgetting about the moving disaster, discovering a Berlin is a lot of fun!

Berlin is such an incredible city that you can’t see or experience half of what it has to offer in one whole year. There is just so much history in this place! Arriving at the very start of winter, we didn’t enter the best season to wonder around in the outdoors. Many of my first attempts to see the evergreen parks or simply window shop at the cool “hipster” alleys have been hindered by the mean northern winds and rains. But when the summer finally arrives, Berlin comes back to live! Parks smell of bbq and amazing events are lined up for every single day of the week! Summers in Berlin are so exciting!

May 1st in Kreuzberg

Why do I love this place so much already?

It has almost been a year since our moving journey and I am falling in love with Berlin more and more.

The true beauty of the city is in its diversity. Wait now, I am not talking about the difference between the West and the East, the multiculturality of its population or the present issues of immigration. It’s the unique neighbourhoods and the people that fascinate me. Each one tells its own story and accommodates different genre of people. All the neighbourhoods are relatively large, so it takes a bit of time to find your way around. I still don’t remember them all, not to say spelling them correctly. Luckily, almost each neighbourhood has its own short nick name. I live in Prenzlauer Berg, or the so called PB!

Frankfurter Tor in F-shain

For real Berliners, it must be strange seeing the city grow so exponentially in the past few decades. Some of the boroughs were never even considered part of Berlin until early 20th and 21st century. Lichtenberg or Charlottenburg used to be completely  independent towns until then. It also provides a completely different experience, living in the far away neighbourhoods outside of the ring. The streets are calm, the bars are shabbier and no tourist ever wonders as far out. However, they do provide a nice getaway during the hot summer days as you can find many lakes and beaches in the direction of Lichtenberg or Pankow.


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