Prenzlauer Berg The hippest neighbourhood in Berlin

Looking away from the fact that every other person you meet on the street is a baby or a parent, I am very happy living in Prenzlauer Berg. A hub of trams and S-Bahn is practically crossing our street and the bars are close but far enough to get a good night of sleep. I guess I am getting old!

The PB lifestyle

One thing you notice living in Prenzlauer Berg is the slightly elevated prices. Rent, eating out or clothing is few Euros more expensive than in the less popular neighbourhoods of Berlin. But who cares, right?! This is the price you pay for becoming a part of this fancy district of young hipster families with their well-behaved dogs and “almost vegan” lifestyle!

Volkspark Friedrichshain Chill out

The history of Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg was not always such a desired area to live in. After the fall of the wall, the Soviets deserted this former Eastern Berlin district and groups of squatters, or the so-called bohemian artists, moved in. They took over the abandoned buildings while staying located quite close to the historical centre, Mitte. A perfect location for an artist to thrive. However, since then the demographics and appearance of Prenzlauer Berg changed dramatically. The squatters started to earn their living, settled down with their families and the streets have been painted in pastel colours.

Detail of Rykestrasse

Because of this change, many Berliners find Prenzlauer Berg a very gentrified neighbourhood. It is true to a large extend, observing the colourful apartment blogs and new trendy restaurants. Nevertheless, you can still find many spots which remember the past and history of East Berlin. Some of these can be found on the grounds of “The Factory”- a co-working space and its memorial to the wall. Alternatively, you can be guided through the hidden underground WW2 tunnels, bunkers and “flakturms” by historians from Berlin Unterwelten!


Old Flakturm Prenzlauer Berg

Top of the Flakturm

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