About Denisa

Hi Everyone!

Thanks so much for stoping by! It’s Denisa, the well-travelled & opinionated author behind Almost Berliner.

I am not a travel blogger by occupation. Sorry if I disappoint you right now!

I actually really like my current job in a growing travel startup in Berlin. Although I have kept my everyday 9 to 6 job and a monthly income with it, I am devoted to the world discovery. Every penny I earn is spent on travel within and outside the boarders of Germany!

It has been about a year since I moved to Berlin and it has been quite an adventure!   Sometimes, well, mainly the first time, not having your family and friends around or not speaking the language of your “new home town” can become an obstacle to your happiness. I know that feeling and I tell you, do not let that discourage you! There is so much to discover and so many great people to meet.

In the past 10 years I have moved about countless times. For studies, work or simply an adventure, the list of countries I spent a week, a year or two in is growing constantly.  Strangely enough, my first big adventure started with my dad sending me off to the promised land, the United States, at the age of 16. The first couple months of heart-wrecking homesickness turned into an unforgettable and life changing year. This was the time when my “never-settled” life began and I turned into “a country hopper”.

Where do you live now?

Is the question I get every time I see my friends back home in Slovakia. Very few have ever lived in a different country so I tend to be the one sharing my stories from abroad.

I has been a year since I moved to Berlin, the artsy and startup friendly capital of Europe! I am on the verge of becoming “Almost Berliner” and I am loving it!

Feel free to get in touch if you have a question on a topic I have not yet covered. I am happy to share or give a word of advice.

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